Our Story

RenewBluSurf was inspired by a love for surfing and a passion for restoring the oceans.

With the amount of waste in the ocean progressively growing and its negative effects on marine life and the coastal environment, we knew we had to make a change. As surfers, the waves are our home, and the change should begin with us. Working to ensure all products and packaging eco-friendly. Help us make the oceans “blu” again!

Community outreach is key to our mission to educate and engage others in how to respect the coastal environment.

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Donating 10% of Profits

Giving Back

RenewBluSurf LLC donates partial profits to the Jetty Rock Foundation. The mission of the Jetty Rock Foundation is to protect our oceans and waterways, and support those who build their lives around them.


Based in LBI, NJ, we are very community driven. Attending and participating in local events is a priority us. Some of which include beach clean ups, local farmers markets, surf competitions, educational events and more!

2024 Calendar coming soon!



We are working to maintain a vibrant and healthy coastal environment. All our products are crafted using sustainable materials and thoughtfully packaged in eco-friendly packaging.